Safety Switches

A safety switch is a device designed to prevent injury or death through electrocution. If the switch detects that electricity is leaking from a curcuit – possibly through a person – they shut off the electricity supply to stop potential electrocution. A safety switch is not a fail safe solution, but it greatly increases the safety of your electrical system.

Just like any safety device is must be checked and maintained to ensure that it is always in working order. Safety switches come with a “TEST” button. Regularly check your switches by pressing this test button. If the switch does not cut the power supply when you press the test button, contact us immediately to have it repaired. Avoid touching any appliances whilst testing.

Safety switches are often confused with curcuit breakers and surge protectors. The purpose of curcuit breakers and surge protectors are to protect appliances. They do not protect people. If you do not have a safety switch, you should get one installed immediately.¬†Additionally, if you own a premise that is being rented, or if you are building or selling a home that doesn’t have a safety switch, you may be required by law to have a safety switch installed.

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