Home Networks

Optus Electrical’s home network customers benefit from expert installation, proven high quality products, and reliable service. Our home network installation services allow you to recieve the benefit of a wired home today giving each computer in your household access to the internet, incorporate your home VOIP system, and make sharing files and printers easy.

A home network allows the modern to home to experience the full benefits of internet and communications services. If you live in a home where there is more than one computer, or perhaps if you sometimes take the laptop home from work, you should consider the professional installation of a home computer network to maximise the benefit your family can recieve from this technology.

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Office Networks

A reliable office network is a requirement for any modern business. Given the nature of business today, it is important that each of your employees has reliable and simple access to the internet and office facilities, such as printers. To make sure that your office network is reliable, it must be installed by someone with experience in cabling and network installation.

Take the hassle and dramas out of your office network and contact Optus Electrical regarding your office network requirements today.